ककड़ सिंग़ी - Pistacia integerrima

ककड़ सिंग़ी - Pistacia integerrima


Pistacia integerrima is a species of pistachio tree native to Asia, commonly called zebrawood. It is used for a variety of purposes in India, including timber, dye, and fodder. The leaf galls are used in traditional herbalism for cough, asthma, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Long, horn-shaped leaf galls that often develop on this tree are harvested and used to make kakadshringi, an herbal medicine for diarrhea in northern India. This tree is also used as a rootstock in the cultivation of commercial pistachios.


    1. Traditionally plant parts particularly its galls have been utilized for treatment of cough, asthma, dysentery, liver disorders and for snake bite.
    2. Take roasted galls with honey for diarrhea and cough asthma.
    3. In India, galls are used for treating respiratory ailments.
    4. In India, it is used as a remedy for chronic bronchitis, vomiting, psoriasis, fever and promotes appetite.

    Flavour: Kakadsinghi has bitter taste and terebinthine odour.

    Storage & Care: Store in regrigerator. Do not keep in moist area.


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