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About Hill Basket!

Himachal Pradesh’s farmers have been traditionally credited with turning the state’s rugged mountain valleys into India’s best farming hubs owning to its favourable environment for raising almost all types of agricultural and horticultural crops due to widely varied micro-agro-climatic regions of the state.  The topography, soil, climate, rainfall and temperature provide the state with wide opportunities and potential for agriculture and horticulture. Due to its hilly terrain, the economy of the state is predominantly mixed farming, agro-pastoral, silvi-pastoral and agro-horticultural.

The farmer gets their credit for bringing in the apple revolution and high-yield cash crops. But the success story is now rapidly going downhill as the share of agriculture in Himachal Pradesh’s economy has dropped significantly.  It’s a reflection on farmers shifting to alternate means of livelihood and also migrating to urban towns. The younger generations are particularly uninterested in taking up agriculture-related activities, and are on the look-out for government jobs or contractual salaries.

The year 2020 will gets significance as it brought the youth back to villages and made youth realize the essence of getting spoiled in the rich soil of farms. The produce in fields in 2020 brought smiles to farmers owning to bumper productions however the smiles were short timed as farmer could not get bring his products to the plate of End Consumer. – This was Eureka Moment and the germination of Hill Basket took Place.

Hill Basket is an online platform created for promoting & selling the REAL produce from farmers. Hill Basket will source out all organic & Exclusive produce from Himachal Pradesh.  We bring you a wide range of local organic items, cultivated, produced & harvested by small & medium scale farmers from lower foothills of Himalayas to Highest altitude of Upper Himalayas. Hill Basket would like to be your one stop shop for providing you all Exclusives of Himachal.


Promoting Himachal Pradesh’s Farmers to cultivate the old, forgotten and extinct food crops. Our vision is to create a world class market place for these farmers so that they receive the real value of what they produce.


Introducing the Hidden & restoring forgotten food products from Himachal through online platform

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